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Tips for Choosing the Best TENS Unit

TENS units are used in medical field to ease multiple pains and aches. It is unit that can help you in managing pain without adding new prescriptions the patients’ routine. The TENS is a tens gerät, which is  readily available in retail drug stores. They can also be purchased online. There are different of TENS units that the patient can choose from.

Most of the modern devices come with improved features. They are more powerful and easy to control. In addition to this, these units are well designed making them effective in treating multiple pains. Individuals who have one pain are advised to use other alternatives which are relatively cheaper than TENS. Ideally, TENS units are more powerful and versatile for reliving real pain. They are therefore ideal for patients who have multiple pains in their bodies.

How Do the TENS Units Work?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical therapy nerve stimulation. It is a drug-free method of controlling pain. These devices work by producing electrical impulses which execute the following functions:

blood circulation

Improving blood circulation-Poor circulation one of the leading causes of arthritis, general pains, and aches.
Increase endorphins– endorphins are powerful natural pain relievers that make people feel good. These neurotransmitters are helpful in passing signals across neurons. They also impact how the central nervous system operates.
Blocking pain messages– They prevent these messages from being sent to the brain. These pulses move very fast to the brain. This is the effect that overrides the pain muscles reducing the impact of pain on the patient.

How do You Choose The Best TENS Device?


There are different types of TENS units that you can use to reduce the pain level. Some of them are better-suited to the patient’s needs than others. Most of these kits share the following common characteristics:

  • They can be used three times daily
  • They are FDA-cleared
  • Come with different built-in modes that make them effective in relieving multiple body pains
  • Have large buttons and safety features
  • They have multiple intensity levels
  • Are portable
  • Multiple family members can use them

The following are the main factors that need to be considered when choosing a TENS unit:


  • Budget
  • Mobility
  • Display screen
  • User interface and design
  • Its key features

Users should compare the different types of machines. They should carry out a detailed assessment and evaluation of TENS devices. Setting an appropriate budget can help them in drawing up a shortlist and narrowing down their search. People who fail to do this end up spending a lot of time looking at the different machines. They should list at least five devices that are within their budget. Additionally, they should consider the following factors to determine the suitability of the available machines.

  • Value for money
  • Feature set
  • Consumer ratings
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