Cancer Cells

Breakthroughs in Cancer Treatments

Cancer, a word that instills fear to many people. Imagine your own body cells conspiring to deteriorate your body from the inside, and when you want to kill it, it means you also kill a part of you. Cancer is one of the most dreadful illnesses someone can have. It eats you inside out, spreading out pain to your body.

Diagram CancerDoctors and scientists have created many experiments to cure it. Some are failures, while the others have brought us closer to success. The chemotherapy, one cure that is said to be successful in killing cancer cells, it brings as much harm as it heals.

However, cancer survivors have alternative options now. Experiments and studies are open to nonconventional cures, which do not require any surgical procedure and have no harmful after effects. Below are 3 of them.

CBD (cannabidiol)

ChemoCannabidiol or Cannabis oil has been proven to slow the growth and even kill several types of cancerous cell. Researchers have also shown that the use of CBD can prevent the growth of cancer and tumor. CBD can treat inflammation and stop the cancer cells from regenerating.

However, despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits, cannabis plants are still illegal in many countries. But in the places where the plants are legal under expert supervision, cannabis products are available even in conventional drugstores. You can also find CBD for sale online. But there is a little chance they are willing to handle international delivery.

Hyperthermia treatment

Chemo KidsThe idea of this treatment is to shoot a certain degree of heat to the cancerous cell. When the cell burns, it will die and peel off of the surrounding healthy cells. This method is arguably efficient because it kills the cancer cells from the inside. The method prevents the cells from replicating and disrupting the healthy cells. However, this therapy is still in its early stage of experiment and is not widely available.


Immunotherapy sets your own body’s immune system to fight the cancer cells by itself. This treatment is carried out by taking a sample of the healthy cells from your blood to the laboratory. Then, it will receive chemical exposure that can turn the cell into immune cells. Protein is needed to activate those cells to become cancer-fighting agents. After everything is ready, those agents will be injected back into your body.

Immunotherapy works under the assumption that our body will respond to the healthy immune cells by replicating them. And if the method is successful, the healthy cells can outgrow the cancer ones and eliminate them for good.…

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