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The Best Natural Pillow Alternatives

The level of subjective thinking has been found to considerably influence the choice of the pillow that an individual purchases. But this can be forgiven because it is all meant to be based on and controlled by an individual’s personal choice. Either way why do you need the car too much, as this is only just a pillow. But do not dismiss it that quite quickly as the quality of your pillow can make the difference between you having a good night sleep, or you having to toss around without a trace of rest the whole night.

Another thing that many people consider is allergies when they are making their pillow purchase. This is where [people do not prefer the usual or ordinary pillows, and hence feel the need of finding an alternative. In most cases the other options are natural. If you have no idea what this is, continue reading along, as below we highlight the best natural pillow alternatives.


buckwheatThis type of alternative natural pillows has been around for a considerable number of years. Those who have used them, argue that they are considered a little bit firmer. But experts recommend that one should mostly use them during hot summer evenings. Since they are made of buckwheat hulls, this enhances air circulation within the pillow, preventing the user from experiencing a lot of sweating. This pillows are usually recommended for those individuals who regularly suffer from headaches, have snoring problems, neck pain, stress, tension, or any other issues that are related to sleep apnea. According to this review (Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers (TOP PICKS) | The Sleep Holic), buckwheat pillows are also listed as the best ones for people sleeping in all positions. With the improvement of technology, there is a newer version of them that provides extra cooling properties.


This particular type of pillow has an organic outer cover made of cotton just like the ordinary pillow, but the inside purely consists of coarse horsehair. This hair has usually collected the manes of Argentinian horses. Most people prefer the rough horsehair fillings since they typically provide a firmer feel plus its dry texture. The dry texture is most important because it correctly deals with the profuse night sweat. Other people have argued that horse hair has anti-rheumatic qualities. Its other properties of it being naturally elastic and springy also enable it to maintain its natural shape.

Silver Infused/Green Tea

This is referred to as naturally hypo-allergenic pillows. What makes them unique is that their entire fillings are infused with silver, hence bringing about extra antibacterial properties. This pillow is more so recommended for those individuals who sleep on their backs and side.

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This is a material that has gained its name from its multiple uses. So it is to no surprise when you hear that the material can be woven, spun and converted into a pillow. They usually exhibit properties like those of cotton, but they become softer and softer with extended use. Pillows made from hemp are recommended for those individuals who prefer lying on a pillow that provides a medium soft feel. Regarding taking care of it and cleaning, you need to do so like you do it with your cotton pillow.

So if you are sick and tired of ordinary pillows, why not go for the above alternative natural pillows.